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Concierge Care 

Do you struggle to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider? Are your appointments 3-4 weeks from when you need care? Are you interested in care where you can have access to a doctor who knows you and your concerns 24/7? Concierge care with Dr. Poormehr is perfect for you! Continue scrolling to see the other benefits of concierge care. 

"Dr. Poormehr's caring attitude is like
nothing I have ever seen." 


What is Concierge Medicine? 

Concierge medicine is a healthcare membership program where you pay an annual fee for all-inclusive access to Dr. Poormehr. You have 24-hour access to medical advice including a cell phone number and email with the opportunity to be seen in office the same day. 


All visits, in person or virtual, are free with the annual membership. 

An average primary care provider has 20-30 patients a day which means short appointments with no opportunities to address all questions and concerns. 

However, Dr. Poormehr sees a limited number of patients to ensure he is able to spend enough time with you to have a comprehensive understanding of your health needs and priorities. He makes you a priority to provide the treatment and attention you need. 

What's included in the annual membership? 
Doctor Examining Patient

Annual Thorough Exam

Annual comprehensive wellness examination that includes blood work, urinalysis, and EKG. 


Minimal Wait Time

Minimal wait time for your visits in a comfortable private office setting. 

Doctor's Desk

Same Day Appointments

Same day or next day timely appointments are available as necessary. 

On the Phone

24/7 Access

Direct phone access to personalized medical advice from a physician who knows you. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Continued Commitment

Dr. Poormehr is committed to providing personalized care with an emphasis on wellness and disease prevention. 

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Additional Testing

Dr. Poormehr and his team can help coordinate important tests such as colonoscopies, mammograms, MRIs, and any other tests deemed necessary. 

Scroll down for more information and FAQs

New Concierge Patients, ask us how to

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Here are the most frequently asked questions but please feel free to share with me your ideas regarding your specific medial needs. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be your doctor. I look forward to being able to care for you as one of my exclusive private practice patient. 

How much is the annual fee? 

The fee schedule is based on a one-year initial adult membership of $5000, a second adult membership is $4000. Youth memberships (ages 5-15) are $2000 each. Packages for family of three or more are available upon request.

Does the annual fee cover regular office visits and copays?

Yes. In addition, unlike most other private/concierge/boutique medical practices, all of your acute injuries that can be treated in office setting will be included.


Can the annual fee be applied to my insurance deductible?

Possibly. The annual fee is for the services listed on this website. These services are not considered insurance covered services. However, as a courtesy to you we can try to satisfy your deductible with every visit that you come in for.


Do I need to have regular medical insurance in addition to Private Medical Care membership?

YES, for major medical and specialist care and hospitalizations.


Why do I have to pay an annual fee when I have insurance?

The annual fee is for the Private Medical Care services listed in this web site, which are not considered insurance covered services.


I only visit the doctor a few times a year. Why should I enroll in Private Medical Care?

You need to set your health and wellness priorities. An additional $417.00 per month may seem like a lot of money but many people spend even more on much discretionary expenditures each month. You deserve the kind of health care that Dr. Poormehr is offering you. We encourage you to make your health a high priority.


What happens when I need to see Dr. Poormehr and he is not in the office?

You will have access to Dr. Poormehr by cell phone 24/7. He can still guide your health care decision making, even when he cannot see you in the office. It is unlikely that you will not be able to reach Dr. Poormehr; however, if he is unreachable, then he will arrange for another physician to cover for him until he can return your call. That physician is directly accountable to Dr. Poormehr.

If I sign up, can I just walk in whenever I need to be seen?

Dr. Poormehr will see you if you walk in, but you may have to wait until he first sees the patients who have made appointments. It is preferable to make an appointment so that you do not have to wait.


I am an elderly patient, why should I enroll in this program?

The older you get the more likely you need to see a doctor frequently. In our Private Medical Care model you will have open access to the doctor. You receive the care that you want. You receive the care that you deserve.


What happens if I move? Would I be entitled to any refunds?

The annual fee can be refunded on a prorated basis, but not after the Annual Wellness Exam has been done. Your records will be copied and sent to your new physician as soon as we receive your written authorization to do so.

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